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Think 212 TecHelp for computer services, smart home, and expertise in security and privacy.

We are here to assist with your electronic devices, new technologies, and create custom solutions to meet your precise demands. Enjoy our onsite service with personalized care, and count on our professional, friendly, upright, and reliable help. Contactless: We also offer safe and straightforward support via remote access and screen sharing. And if you prefer, we pick up your laptop for repairs and deliver it back to you the next day.

Work from home
Count on us to set up your reliable and secure home office ready with shared folders, video conference, online chat channels, and other communication tools for remote teams.

Keep in touch with family and friends
We set up the applications you need for video calls, group chat, and online meetings on your smartphone, tablet, and computer.

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• Mobile: 347-979-7585
Call and Text: 9 am – 9 pm

Services We Provide

Know how to use your devices correctly set up with privacy and security in mind.
Learn how to keep your data and activity safe and your computer secure.
We offer private classes at your place to take full advantage of your electronic devices.
Get advice focused on privacy to better use smartphone apps and social networks.
We list the best options for a new device or service right for your needs.

Computer Services
We make your computer run smoothly with cleanup, optimization, and system update services.
Get your machine running faster with storage and memory upgrades.
Count on our services to set up new computers with Internet, cloud storage, a backup system.
We remove viruses, malware, repair the system, and recover files.
We set up system protection with antivirus, the latest app updates, and password manager.

Smart Home
We plan and indicate the right devices to create the best smart home that works for you.
We set up TVs, audio & video systems, Wi-Fi, assistants, etc.
We advise on new technologies and compatibility among devices.

Small Business
We bring new ideas to make your work easier and enjoyable.
We assist with data transfer between machines.
We offer services for web design and video editing.

We have experience in Microsoft Windows, Office, Apple Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Roku, Amazon Echo, Google Nest. Check our Services page for more details about our work.

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