Computer and Smart Home

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Learn how to use your computer or device
You will learn how to use your electronic devices comfortably at your place.
When you feel lost in new technologies or because of a system update, we will teach you how to use it. You will take full advantage and do things you didn’t know you could do.

Help on buying computers and devices
We select the best products for your needs.
Your new computer, smartphone or other smart device has to offer all you need and be potent to last for years

Employing a new service or technology
We advise on new services and technologies that are right for your needs.
If you want to subscribe to a new service such as cloud storage or streaming TV, or set up a smart home with internet-connected devices, we will study your case and bring the best options for you.

Devices for Smart Home, and Smartphones
We set up smart devices with virtual assistants, and smartphones.
We take care of your smart TV, Google Home, Amazon Echo, Sonos. And we teach you how to take advantage of all its features. We also set up iPhone, Android, Roku, and Apple TV.

Computer repair
We offer same-day repair to your laptop and desktop.
Our computer repair service also includes the setup of the system to the safest configuration, protecting from threats, keeping it fast, and free from crashes and freezings.

System cleanup and optimization
We take care of your computer to make it fast, responsive, reliable and secure.
If your system is running slow or crashing, it needs maintenance. Over the months, the system accumulates useless and obsolete applications, files, and registry entries and permissions.

System update
We check your system configurations, essential applications, security software, plugins and drivers for updates and correct settings.
Updates are essential to fix issues common in all systems and applications. Besides, hackers will exploit outdated software and compromise the whole system security, making it possible to reach your information.

Set up printers and other accessories
We set up several types of electronic equipment.
Get the help you need to set up a new device like backup drives, printers, and scanners.

Set up a new computer
It is key to have your new computer set up perfectly.
Setting up a new system may be challenging with all those options and unfamiliar terms. Moreover, incorrect settings may compromise the security and lead to a bad experience.

Data transfer
Transferring data from an old computer to a new one.
We will transfer all your data, and reinstall your favorite applications on your new computer.

Data wipe out
Destroying data and making it unrecoverable.
If you are disposing of a drive which contains personal information, we can delete the files in a permanent and unretrievable way.

Wired and wireless network
Your computer and other devices connected to the Internet.
A network will provide to your devices access to the Internet and between them.

Cloud storage
Cloud storage provides access to all your files from any device connected to the Internet, and it works great as a backup system.
The most significant advantage in case your computer crashes is that all your files are always safe. Also, it provides an easy way to share files with friends.

Keep your files and Internet activity private
A private account keeps your data and activities away from others.
You can hand your computer to a friend and keep the peace of mind that no one will open, copy or delete your files, or your e-mails and profiles on the web.

Upgrade Storage Drive and Memory
Upgrade your computer for a better and smooth experience.
Sometimes you have a good computer, but it only needs more memory or a faster drive to work better.

Removal of Viruses, Malware, Spyware
We clean your computer from viruses and suspicious extensions.
Many viruses are not easy to notice. It is recommended to have your computer and Internet checked periodically.

System Protection
We set up the best protection to make your computer safe from viruses and hackers before it gets compromised.
If your computer is vulnerable, in case of an attack, it may not be possible to recover your files. Prevention is always the best way.

Personal Backup System
We set up backup systems for personal computers to keep your files safe and easily recoverable.
Your files are the most important thing on your computer; they are irreplaceable. Back them up now.

System and Data Recovery
We offer services to recover your system and personal files.
Even when your computer fails, your data is still there and may be recoverable.