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Forwarded from AdGuard
Dazed, tracked, and confused: How unaware and helpless is public about data privacy?

AdGuard’s latest blog is all about the twisted world of online privacy. We’ve got some real eye-openers from a Pew Research survey. Here’s what they found:

😟 So many worried people: Did you know 8 out of 10 Americans are uneasy about how companies handle their personal info? And it’s not just companies — 7 out of 10 are also worried about the government peeking into their data. But most feel like they can’t do much about it
😩 Feeling out of control: 73% of people think they have almost no say over what companies do with their info, and 79% feel the same about the government. And a whole lot of them don’t really get what happens to their data after it’s collected
What’s happening with your data? Companies collect it for all sorts of things, like showing you targeted ads or making products you’ll love. But sometimes this info gets sold off without you saying ‘yes’, or it might end up in government hands for surveillance
🤔 Wanting change, but feeling doubtful: Despite being worried, many people think whatever they do won’t really protect their privacy. Over half don’t even bother with privacy policies anymore
💡 When you know more, you do more: People who really get the privacy thing are taking charge, like tweaking their social media settings or using tools to keep their info safe. But lots still aren’t using super-helpful products like ad blockers or VPNs
⚙️ The missing link in awareness: This might surprise you, but only about 36% of AdGuard users turn on AdGuard Tracking Protection filter. Looks like the rest might not know about it to keep their data to themselves

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