Tips To Buy a New Computer

Tips to Buy a New Computer
Tips to Buy a New Computer

Here are our tips to help you get a new computer. Whether you prefer a PC or a Mac, you only need to follow a few points.

Processor: we recommend Intel Core or AMD Ryzen. An Intel Core i5 will run the usual applications smoothly; an Intel Core i7 is faster and more powerful but expensive. If you want to save money, the Intel Core i3 will work fine for light applications. Here is a list with more details: CPU Hierarchy 2019 — A Comparison of AMD and Intel Processors

Memory: we recommend at least 8 GB of RAM. All typical applications will run smoothly if your computer has 8 GB or more.

Storage: The old HDD does a good job saving your files, but we strongly recommend opting for the new SSD technology. The Solid State Drive is way faster than the Hard Disk Drive. Also, SSD is safer and more reliable. The amount of space you will need depends on how much data you have. Choose 128 GB if you have just a few files, 256 GB is ideal if you want to be safe and prepared for the future, or 512 GB if you’re going to save thousands of photos and videos.

To sum up: A computer with processor Intel Core i5, 8 GB RAM, and 256 GB SSD storage will work great for everybody running the most common applications.

Gamers and Video Editors: You will need a computer with a powerful GPU. AMD and NVidia have the best graphics processor units.

Chromebooks: The new laptops powered by Google Chrome OS are a great bet for those looking for simplicity, reliability, a secure system, and only need a web browser to get the job done.

Additional tip: Make sure to set up your new computer correctly to keep it safe, fast, and healthy. Security is the first thing you should employ. And don’t forget to keep your backup updated.

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