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Tessa, on Google
I finally decided I was going to break down and hire an expert to help me set up my SmartTV so that I could reap all the benefits, and Paulo was an excellent choice. Not only was Paulo totally affordable, he was super knowledgeable and hooked my whole system up, helped me choose the best live streaming provider, and made sure I ordered the right keyboard for my TV, all in under an hour. Super professional, super nice, super quick, and no breaking the bank – in fact, he’s saving me $120/month now since I don’t use cable anymore. Well worth the investment, highly recommend.

Erg, on Google
I recently had an emergency where I needed my computer repaired the same day. Not only was Paulo able to make time for me but he was efficient, helpful, and explained what he was doing every step of the way. He was able to diagnose the problem quickly, and my computer was up and running the same day. Very grateful!

Lionel, on Facebook
212 TecHelp was such a big help for me. I would recommend this service to anyone. He is very reliable, knowledgeable and affordable. Plus, he double-checks if you still have problems or if you need additional help once he’s done. Fantastic service and a great guy!

Gil, on Facebook
Paulo is serious and completely professional. He works efficiently, so he is definitely not bilking you for extra dollars. Totally trust him with my stuff and around my apartment.

Hector, on Yelp
I own a PC and was in need to send important work documents. Paolo was able to come to repair my computer within a day and helped me with other issues such as speeding up my computer and making sure that my software was up to date. A great value and service.

Jose, on Yelp
I called 212 Tech Help to help me upgrade to “El Capitan” and fix a printer issue with my wireless connection. Paolo came on time and was able to install the new operating system and fix my computer problems very quickly and professionally. I have tried using other services, and this has been by far the most professional and cost effective. Highly recommend this service.

David, on Yelp
TecHelp is absolutely first rate. He has helped me (and solved) any and all computer problems I have had. He is seriously a true professional that I can recommend his services completely.

Jeff, on Yelp
Paulo cleaned up a security problem on my Mac. He was prompt and efficient, and I will definitely call him again when in need of tech help.

Patrick, on Yelp
Paulo was great. Geek squad wanted me to leave my laptop with them for six days, but Paulo came over the next day, diagnosed it, and fixed it, in no time at all. His rates are reasonable, and I knew he wasn’t lying to me about what was wrong and how to fix.

David, on Yelp
I bought an Apple computer for the first time and was not familiar with operating it. Apple offers classes, but I wanted to learn on my desktop at home. I called Paulo and made an appointment. He came to my place and spent an hour teaching me how to use this system. He is great, and I will use him again to install a new wireless printer and for any future needs that come up. I am very happy with this service and have recommended Tech Help to friends!