Internet Best Practices

Here are a few tips to make your Internet browsing more private, faster, and safer.

DNS: Your Internet provider can see every website you visit and every app you use, even if the content is encrypted. Many DNS providers are usually slow and insecure, and they can sell the data about your activity or use it to target you with ads. Change your default DNS resolver to one that offers encryption and does not keep logs of the sites you visit. We recommend Google Public DNS or Cloudflare.

Cookies: Websites and advertisers can track your browsing history by reading the cookies set on your computer. Remember to clear the browsing data – cookies and cached files – at least once a month.

Passwords: Use a password manager to take care of your login information. Every login must have a unique and strong password of at least 14 characters. You can use the built-in password manager of your favorite browser or an external one. Read our article on How To Manage Passwords.

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