How To Manage Passwords

How To Manage Passwords
How To Manage Passwords

Do you want an easy way to manage all your passwords? I highly recommend Bitwarden. This open-source app offers ways to manage your passwords and 2-factor authentication codes. Alternatively, you can try the free version of LastPass or the popular 1Password.

These password managers securely save and organize your passwords, and also create safe combinations for you. You won’t have to memorize or write down your passwords anymore. What’s more, with one click, you will be able to sign in to websites effortlessly.

All you must remember is the master password to have access to all your other passwords. The service assures that all information stored is encrypted, so nobody else can access your data without the master password. Among the features of the services, they offer you: access to all your passwords on all your devices, save and fill passwords, password generator, two-factor authentication, and password checkup. This last feature scans all your logins for duplicated, old, weak, or compromised passwords.

If you need to come up with passwords that you have to remember, but hard to guess, make sure to create something that is at least 14 characters long, mixing letters, numbers, and symbols. Another great idea is to use a passphrase. I recommend using the Bitwarden Password and Passphrase Generator page.

Give it a try, and remember to keep your master password hard to guess and safe.

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